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2021, 43(8): 1011-1011.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2021.07.01.020
Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiNiO2 by B doping
ZHANG Ning , LI Ying et al.
2021, 43(8): 1012-1018.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.11.30.004
Effect of precursor drying temperature on the morphology and electrochemical performance of lithium-rich manganese-based cathode materials
YANG Zhen , LI Ying et al.
2021, 43(8): 1019-1023.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.31.007
Performance of perovskite-type Li-ion solid electrolyte Li2xySr1−xTi1−yNbyO3
LU Jia-yao , LI Ying et al.
2021, 43(8): 1024-1031.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.03.004
Transport properties of Ba3Ca1+xNb2−xO9−δ composite perovskite oxides
DING Yu-shi , LI Ying
2021, 43(8): 1032-1036.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.03.003
Effect of dichloromethane and toluene on the structure, property, and Al electrodeposition in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloroaluminate ionic liquid
TIAN Guo-cai , YUAN Qing-xiang
2021, 43(8): 1037-1046.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.03.002
Regulation of anodic potential oscillation in manganese metal electrolysis by hyperchaotic current
XIE Zi-nan , LIU Zuo-hua et al.
2021, 43(8): 1047-1054.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.01.002
Treatment of carbon residue from aluminum electrolysis cell using Na2CO3
LIANG Cheng , ZHAO Run-min et al.
2021, 43(8): 1055-1063.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.11.30.007
Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of methane over three-dimensional ZnO/CdS/NiFe layered double hydroxide
LIU Jia , ZHANG Ying-hua et al.
2021, 43(8): 1064-1072.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.11.02.001
Influence of ionomer on the durability of Pt/C catalyst
WANG Yuan , LI Shang et al.
2021, 43(8): 1073-1080.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.11.17.004
Macrostructure and macrosegregation behavior of bloom products under various flow control modes of the casting process
WANG Pu , TIE Zhan-peng et al.
2021, 43(8): 1081-1089.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2021.01.27.007
Evolution of nonmetallic inclusions during production of 20CrMo alloy steel
WANG Wei-jian , LUO Yan et al.
2021, 43(8): 1090-1099.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.12.17.003
Nonequilibrium solidification microstructures and mechanical properties of selective laser-melted Cu–Sn alloy
LI Xiao-xuan , WANG Zeng-jie et al.
2021, 43(8): 1100-1106.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.10.29.006
Refining effect of IF steel produced by RH forced and natural decarburization process
YUAN Bao-hui , LIU Jian-hua et al.
2021, 43(8): 1107-1115.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.10.10.002
Effect of magnesium oxide and its occurrence on the roasting and metallurgical performance of magnetite pellets
ZHU De-qing , LIU Zhen et al.
2021, 43(8): 1116-1124.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.07.02.006
Influence of Zn in the iron ore sintering flue gas on the removal of NOx and dioxins by V2O5–WO3/TiO2 catalyst
DING Long , QIAN Li-xin et al.
2021, 43(8): 1125-1135.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2020.10.08.001