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A review of the management of the mining and metallurgical engineering discipline of NSFC in 2022
WANG Xi-bo , MIAO Hong-yan et al.
2023, 45(6): 875-882.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2023.02.06.002
Study of equilibrium dissolution of WO3–CaSO4 in HCl–Na2SO4 solution
XU Lüe-wei , HE Bing-xuan et al.
2023, 45(6): 883-889.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.03.25.001
Effect of sinter basicity on the interactive reaction of composite burdens
TAN Pei-long , ZHANG Jian-liang et al.
2023, 45(6): 890-898.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.05.16.001
Effect of casting speed rising on the cleanliness of IF steel slab during the initial casting stage
LI Yuan-yuan , ZHANG Jiong-ming et al.
2023, 45(6): 899-906.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.04.15.001
Effect of austenite grain size on the acicular ferrite transformation in Ti–Zr treated steel
YAO Hao , LIU Cheng-jun et al.
2023, 45(6): 907-914.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.05.03.003
Controlling the formation of reverted globular austenite and the as-transformed austenite grain size in low-alloy steel based on cementite
ZHANG Xian-guang , LIU Huan et al.
2023, 45(6): 915-926.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.09.27.002
Species of corrosive microbes and corrosion mechanisms
QIU Li-na , ZHANG Wei-wei et al.
2023, 45(6): 927-940.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.04.20.007
Accelerated corrosion of the steel shell of an immersed tube tunnel in seawater
GAO Qian-yu , CAO Hang et al.
2023, 45(6): 941-948.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.09.09.001
Research progress of hydrophobic modification of silica aerogel for oil spill pollution treatment
HAN Song , ZHANG Tian-hua et al.
2023, 45(6): 949-966.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.05.03.002
Active oxygen antibacterial mechanism and its research progress
CHEN Yuan-yuan , TANG Xiao-ning et al.
2023, 45(6): 967-978.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.06.07.005
Preparation of steel slag–peanut shell-based ecological activated carbon based on response surface method and its adsorption performance
DU Xiao-yan , HAN Wei-sheng et al.
2023, 45(6): 979-986.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.07.18.005
Simulation and performance study of low-power magnetron sputtered ZnO methane sensor
LI Jia-ming , JIAO Ming-zhi et al.
2023, 45(6): 987-994.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.04.10.002
ELM- and MCSCKF-based state of charge estimation for lithium-ion batteries
WANG Qiao , YE Min et al.
2023, 45(6): 995-1002.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.05.10.003
An improved U-shaped network for brain tumor segmentation
HUANG Jing-teng , LI Qiang et al.
2023, 45(6): 1003-1012.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.03.25.003
Optimization research of planetary roller screw mechanism parameters based on crow search algorithm
CAI Wei , LIU Geng et al.
2023, 45(6): 1013-1022.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.04.12.009
A block–particle–bar coupled algorithm to simulate tunnel excavation and support
LI Xiao-guang , LI Chang-hong et al.
2023, 45(6): 1023-1033.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.03.25.005
Carbon peak path of the Chinese iron and steel industry based on the LMDI−STIRPAT model
PAN Chong-chao , WANG Bo-wen et al.
2023, 45(6): 1034-1044.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.04.25.002
Multiphysical field coupling in unconventional oil and gas reservoirs
ZHU Wei-yao , CHEN Zhen et al.
2023, 45(6): 1045-1056.   doi: 10.13374/j.issn2095-9389.2022.03.29.002